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Around The Man Cave is a one-stop shop for guys to talk about all their favorite subjects – just as if they were enjoying a nice cold beer with friends.

Anything goes, but typically Around The Man Cave discusses sports, style, health and fitness, woman and tools.

About Me

My name is Jeff Bender. During the day, I work in higher education. By night, I am constantly writing, promoting and trying to perfect Around The Man Cave.

I enjoy the subjects that I write about, or I wouldn’t be writing about them.

I don’t understand why a man can’t be comfortable in both a suit and t-shirt.

I realize that true men can’t have chiseled bodies because we enjoy our jobs, spending time with our family and growing our relationships with friends. That is why when I talk health and fitness, it will be practical.

The bottom line for me is that I want to provide entertainment for men and women while maybe helping a few out.

I want to make you a better dresser, a better athlete and maybe even a better overall person.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Contact me at aroundthemancave@gmail.com, follow me @JLBender83 on Twitter or look for AroundThe ManCave on Google+.