How To Score The Girl of Your Dreams at a Bar – The Gentleman’s Way

Woman sitting on couch at bar

Think your terrible pick up line will work on her? Think again.

I often hear horrible stories from both men and women about approaching the opposite sex at a bar.

Granted, I married a wonderful woman out of college and never had the opportunity (or horror as most tell me) to try and pick-up a beautiful woman at a bar.

I am clearly not the go-to for giving tips on this subject and that is why I enlisted the help of Samantha Johnston.

Sam is a gorgeous, 29-year-old lawyer who models on the side. I became friends with her in college and yes; she is out of our league.

Sam is single and frequently gets hit on at bars. Check out her pointers on how to win over her heart (and others) in a gentlemanly fashion.

Ask to buy me a drink, but don’t get pissed off if I say “no.”

Sam believes it is very classy for a guy to offer her a drink at a bar, but hates how men react when she declines.

“Sometimes men get so upset that they say something nasty and walk away when I don’t accept their drink offer,” she says.

“I might have a full drink, or I don’t want to get completely wasted around a guy that just approached me. Its not that I don’t want to talk to you.”

Introduce yourself and start up a conversation. If she is up for talking, stay around. If not, tell her that it was nice meeting and walk away. If she thinks you are cute, she will find you before she leaves to talk again.

I like attention, but don’t ignore my friends.

Chances are that the woman you want to approach is with friends. Make sure you include them in the conversation.

“Win over my friends and you will probably win me over, “ says Sam.

“I like when a guy talks to my friends with occasional glances my way. It gives me a great chance to check him out and see if I am into his looks and vibe.”

Know when to walk away.

Sam is a huge believer that the exit is just as important as the entrance.

“If I am not feeling you, I will probably give enough signs that I am uninterested and you should leave me alone,” she says.

“Even the greatest conversations have awkward moments of silence. Walk away from the situation … it doesn’t mean that things didn’t go well for you.

Next time you are having a great conversation and things go stale, walk away from the situation with grace. Tell her that you have to get back to your friends, but it was a pleasure to meet her and leave a business card.

If she is with her friends, make sure you say goodnight to everyone around her. Leave your business card on the table, closer to the woman you are interested in so she knows it is for her.

Don’t try the movie B.S.

“Don’t send me a glass of wine from across the room and stare at me while I receive it,” Sam says. “It is creepy and you are still not any closer to talking to me.”

“Sending a rose or flowers with a drink is cute, but it is still not going to work. You have to remember that I don’t know if you are the guy of my dreams or the next huge serial killer.”

Instead of going for the over the top, be a straight shooter.

Be a gentleman and know how to handle conversations and the next woman you approach may just talk back to you.