5 Ways To Build Six-Pack Abs

Picture of male with shirt off.

Who wouldn't want too look like this?

Every guy wants to have a six-pack for abs.

Like many, I recently went on a quest to get a six-pack by time I hit the beach in June. Please keep in mind that I have about 20 pounds to loose, so the idea of me actually achieving six-pack status by June is far out of the question.

I tried to exercise at home a lot by doing what seemed to be a million sit-ups per day and at least a 100 push-ups. I even tried some CrossFit Travel routines at home.

I wasn’t seeing results, so I sucked it up and joined a gym.

Since my quest for six-pack glory may now have a chance (I’m hoping to see something down there within two years), I decided to research and talk to some trainers at my new gym about sculpting a six-pack.

“The main ingredient to building a six-pack is to lower your body fat below 10%,” said one of the trainers.

Without having a low body-fat percentage, I will be nearly impossible to ever see those bulging muscles in your abdomen.

Basically … I’m f*#@!

For the rest of you that have a chance, here are some other tips to achieving six-pack glorification. 

  1. Work both your abs and back muscles. The two groups of muscles are intertwined. If you have an imbalance, you could get injured or may not have the ability to build your abs to peak performance. Exercise your back muscles as well.
  2. Go outside the box. Sit-ups and crunches are the vanilla of ab exercises. Try including reverse crunches, bicycle crunches, planks and medicine ball core exercises.
  3. Get over your fear of Pilates. If you think Pilates are for women only, you may want to change your thinking. Pilates are some of the best core exercises you can perform. Once you are ready for abs like “The Situation,” join a class.
  4. Upgrade your cardio. You need to take off as much body-fat as possible. Don’t just concentrate on lifting. Hit the treadmill too.
  5. Eat more lean proteins and vegetables. Lean proteins will help you build your abs, and eating a healthy diet will help you shed the pounds needed to carve those abs. You are probably going to have to drop that six-pack of Sam Adams if you want a six-pack of abs.