Athletes as the Ultimate Style Role Models

Athletes may not be the best role models for our children to follow, but when it comes to style … game on!

The modern athlete is more than just a sports figure. They spread across multiple platforms and are now red carpet staples.

They look sharp at any time and can guide a man on how to dress.

Here are the best in the business, each with their own personal style.

Derek Jeter – New York Yankees
Dress Style: Classic Man

The way Derek Jeter dresses screams Italian-New Yorker. His dress is fashionable, powerful and what most men would be comfortable wearing.

When he needs to dress up, he is in a power suit. Jeter tends to stick to grays, blacks and navy suits with patterned silk ties. He is very business-like.

For a business casual look, Jeter is almost always rocking a blazer with dress pants and open collar shirt. This option is great for men just starting their wardrobes. Jeter probably doesn’t have that problem.

When he is around town, he is almost always dressed in a T-shirt and jeans. His shirts usually do not fall outside of white, gray or black.

Dress: Classic black and gray suits with sometimes powerful pin-stripes.













Derek Jeter - Business Casual

Business Casual: Jeter usually ditches the tie and goes to blazer for business casual affairs.














Jeter: Casual

Casual: True man in style with T-shirt and jeans.














LeBron James – Miami Heat
Dress Style – Modern Vintage

LeBron James may be one of the best-dressed athletes today. He takes vintage looks and adds a little bit of hip-hop flair to them.

Very rarely does LeBron wear a full suit. When he needs to wear something more formal, he sports a tie and dress shirt with cardigans or a vest. He usually wears fashion glasses as well.

His business casual outfits still carry a vintage look, mostly with sweaters over dress shirts. He often wears hat or glasses to spice up his look.

When relaxing, LeBron is usually in a T-shirt and jeans or dress shirt and jeans with the sleeves rolled up.

LeBron James: Dress

Dress: LeBron has a vintage modern look to his style of dress. When a suit is needed, he tends to stick to a cardigan or vest over a jacket.















LeBron James: Business Casual

Business Casual: This is LeBron at his finest. He is comfortable, stylish and has his own personal touch.















LeBron James: Casual

Casual: LeBron typically wears a T-Shirt and jeans with a hip-hop flair when relaxing.














Roger Federer – Tennis
Dress Style – Preppy

It is hard for me to call Roger Federer’s dress style Preppy, but I don’t know how else to describe it.

He never wears a tie unless he has no other option. Usually, you will see him in a black or gray suit without a tie. This look gives a more relaxed feel to his dress.

When a business casual outfit is needed, Federer does not leave his suit with no tie look behind. Instead, he usually lightens the color of his suit.

His casual look is that of a well-dressed Englishman (even though he is from Sweden). You will typically see him in corduroys with a dress shirt and sweater or something similar. The only time you see him in a T-shirt is on the tennis court.

Federer - Dress

Dress: Federer always rocks the tieless suit.










Federer - Business Casual

Business Casual: Even when he needs to dress down a little, Federer usually wears a tieless suit.














Federer - Casual

Casual: A true champion of style only wears a T-Shirt on the court.














Next time you are looking for some dress ideas, turn to some of the bigger names in sports. You will find that athletes today are terrific models for classic and current fashions.

No matter what their personal style, they always look sharp.