5 Golf Tips For Beginners That Will Improve Your Game By 5 Strokes

Help your golf game out with a few mental and physical golf tips. Photo courtesy of jurvetson.

Whether you are new to golf, or have been playing for years, some of the best advice is the most basic.

With Spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to dust off your clubs and hit the driving range for some practice.

Take your first swing, watch the ball fly sideways and then re-read this article. It is guaranteed to improve your game by 5 strokes.

5. Drive for show, putt for dough. 

Many people new to golf don’t understand that putting and approach shots are far more important that the distance you can drive of the tee.

Concentrate on other parts of your game and worry about keeping your drives in the middle of the fairway. Once you master your short game, then you can think about adding an extra 10 yards to your drive. A person who greatly improves on putting will shave more strokes off their score than one who greatly improves on driving the ball.

4. Equipment technology does matter … when you are a pro.

The technological advances in golf equipment from year to year are amazing. Club modernizations can add distance and accuracy to your shots, but really only if you are a professional.

Find some old steel-shafted clubs someone is trying to give away and play for a year or two with them. If you decide that you want to continue in golf, go ahead and buy a new set of clubs. You will be amazed at how the ball feels once you swing and I guarantee you will be a better golfer because you learned how to play on some clunkers.

3.  Balance is the fundamental principal of golf.

One of the greatest things I ever did for my golf game was take a lesson at my local university. The lesson was indoors and I hit balls into a golf simulator while hooked up to all sorts of contraptions.

By sticking me on a balance board, I was able to see how off balance I was during my swing. I corrected the problem over a course of a year and had great results.

Bottom line: When learning to master your swing, the first thing you need to worry about is balance – everything else will come easy after that.

2. Always think about the next shot.

Next time you are golfing in a foursome, watch the other golfers closely. If I were a betting man, I would say that at lease two of those other three individuals are going to hit a bad shot and get really pissed off. Then, they are going to tank a few more shots in a row before hitting a good one and going back to normal for a few shots until doing something else stupid.

Always think about the next shot. Golf is a mentally challenging game. If you dwell on your last bad shot then you will never be able to improve your game.

1. Learn the basics.

Everyone’s golf swing is different. Watch a PGA Tour golfer and you will notice the uniqueness of all their swings.

But even the professionals have times when they need a coach. Most coaches instruct their clients to got back to the basics to fine-tune their swing and get rid of any bad habits that were picked up along the way of a long season.

If you give yourself a solid understanding of the basic golf swing, you will score better immediately. Study a book, watch videos, take a lesson ­– do whatever you need to do to get those basics down.

Whatever type of golfer you may be, reminding yourself of these five principles will help reduce your score on the course.

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